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green hills
journal #6 Green Hills September 18 to December 26, 2010
          also: journal #4 - #5   

These are the books I read while we were opening and managing read. booksellers in Blackhawk. Books demanding to be read come at you from everywhere: published reviews, publisher catalogs, customer requests, ARCs from publishers, and then there are all those great books getting pulled out of all those boxes. Christmas comes every day in a bookstore.
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crowing  a book to crow about—a stand out book      not the best or the worst    p   this just didn't do much for me


compass rosetaking the leap web design   englishman

End of 2010 - Book Journal Numbers
103 books read / 59 works of Fiction &  44 works of Nonfiction
Oh, and as an accountant would see the year - a total of 28,163 pages read - average book 273 pages long.
I just can't help myself - numbers are cool at times.


Compass Rose by John Casey (F) 12.26.10


Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron (NF) 12.23.10

Web Design: E-Commerce edited by Julius Wiedmann (NF) 12.21.10

crowing The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects by John Tiney (NF) 12.18.10

 atlantic griftopia  etiquette     when the killing's done     exley    lost art of reading     

Atlantic by Simon Winchester  (NF) 12.16.10


crowing Griftopia by Matt Taibbi (NF) 12.13.10

The Etiquette of Freedom by Gary Snyder & Jim Harrison (NF) 12.10.10


When the Killing's Done by T.C. Boyle (F) 12.8.10


p Exley by Brock Clarke (F) 12.4.10


The Lost Art of Reading by David L. Ulin (NF) 11.30.10
I'm reading a small volume with the title of The Lost Art of Reading, and last night I read about the following.

"The author Jim Crace signed the contract with his publisher for what was to become The Pesthouse. At the time he didn't have the title, so he inserted the only sentence he had written - "This used to be America" which then got transposed into Useless America. Somehow that "ghost" title, Useless America, showed up on Amazon UK with 28 customer reviews, Crace, just to add to the chaos, started ordering copies and watched the ghost book's ranking climb. Once The Pesthouse was actually published, his American publisher Nan A. Talese, issued 75 copies of a gag paperback version of Useless America. It had a dedication, a note on the text, an array of fictional blurbs on the back, a 2 page introduction by the author, explaining the origin of the work ... and the rest of the book was blank."
   You just have to love publishing and all the great people involved with books. I feel very lucky to have had books be the center of my career and my life.


wit and wisdom of mark twain    box    townie     sorry no image     creative collection of american short stories           

crowing The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain edited by Alex Ayres (NF) 11.28.10


The Box by Gunter Grass (F) 11.26.10


crowing Townie by Andre Dubus III (NF) 11.23.10


History of Vermont Volume I, II, III by Walter Hill Crockett (NF) 11.22.10


crowing The Creative Collection of American Short Stories by Various Writers (F) 11.13.10


  wild nights     in rough country       weekend     bob dylan   i'm dreaming of a black christmassquirrel seeks chipmunk

Wild Nights by Joyce Carol Oates (F) 11.9.10


In Rough Country: Essays and Reviews by Joyce Carol Oates (NF) 11.8.10


The Weekend by Bernard Schlink (F) 11.6.10

crowing Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus Writings 1968-2010 by David L. Ulin (NF) 11.4.10
Forty years of superb, thoughtful writing on Bob and our culture. No other writer approaches the style, grace and knowledge that Marcus brings to his subject. Never afraid to voice an opinion, he find thought-provoking material very where and weaves it all together.


I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas by Lewis Black (NF) 10.31.10
Lewis brings us Christmas from a Jewish, as well as a Black point of view. Yes, he pissed - he's Lewis Black. But this is a hilarious look back on 60 years of the Christmas season never simply leaving this man alone. He shares much from his life: a short marriage, yelling back at a baby, humor, and his strange role in society.


p Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris (F) 10.27.10


mark twain: man in whitesherlockianfinancial lives of poetskook zeitoun just like someone without mental illness only more so

crowing Mark Twain: Man in White by Michael Shelden (NF) 10.25.10

The Sherlockian by Graham Moore (F) 10.23.10


The Financial Lives of Poets by Jess Walter (F) 10.19.10
Enter the bizarre world of a man whose moment of genius in life was to risk it all on creating a financial website using only poetry. The plot thickens with some very thick drug dealers with whom he hopes to refinance his foreclosing home. There's also his involvement with the police - it just couldn't have been funnier. This is a great time between two covers.


crowing Kook by Peter Heller (NF) 10.15.10
Learn what a kook is, as well as much about the ocean, waves, surfing, and how it all changed the author. In his 40's, our author heads off to become a surfer. It becomes all about obsession. I was caught up in his story and I'm from Vermont - known for poor surfing there. His writing kept me going through his marriage and his last wipeout.


Zeiton by Dave Eggers (NF) 10.9.10


Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So by Mark Vonnegut (NF) 10.7.10
Mental illness from inside a doctor's mind as he breaks down and rises again. The author of Eden Express returns to describe crazy as it returns to his life as a doctor. He also very powerfully tells of the many changes in his medical practice. These changes are brought about by the worlds of insurance and finance screwing around with doctors treating patients. Very interesting.


sourland what i didn't see   labor daysound of a wild snail eating freedom

crowing Sourland by Joyce Carol Oates (F) 10.4.10
By the end of the first page she had reminded me of her mastery. It was a pleasure, many times an unsettling pleasure, to be in the hands of a writer who is not afraid to take chances in her very clever. These powerful stories apologize to no one for making the reader feel...to care.


What I Didn't See by Karen Joy Fowler (F) 9.28.10


Labor Day by Joyce Maynard (F) 9.26.10


crowing The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Bailey (NF) 9.24.10
This is a superb meditation on becoming obsessed by the details of a wild snail's life during the author's confinement to bed because of a severe illness. Stuck in bed and barely moving, it's incredibly painful to shift her position whatsoever, she is given a pot of flowers and a single wild snail from her own backyard. Her focus on the habits of this small companion is a perfect match for the pace and range of her drastically limited world. Her obsession becomes the study of this particular snail and her scientific research on snails in general. This book is really two books - the story of the rewarding and peaceful coexistence of an ill woman and a mollusk living life at a snail's pace - and the woman's drive to learn everything about snails and her recovery of a more normal life. 


crowing Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (F) 9.18.10


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