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scattered photos - photos from many places and times
                                                other photos:  Winters  |  East Bay  |  Sea Ranch  |  Oakland's Mountain View cemetery | Yosemite

         ew 2016os 2016hearst castle 2016
hole 2016sticks 2016hill house 2016
the San Luis Obispo vacation - SLO to those in the know
rust 2016 hello 2016home 2016
charles          white         ole pete
I've cut my hair...no more sensitive ponytail man here. From this picture, I'm not sure that it looks like I sense anything. By the way, the shirt reads READ BANNED BOOKS, not what it looks like, BAD BANNED BOOKS.

Now, it's old T-shirt time.
banned books james
wicked tinkerspeopleevolution
                                      bernie for presidentmy Bernie Sanders shirt is starting to show its age

              ↓ Here's our ever-popular store motto, from the back of my last, faded, threadbare, multiple-holed, remaining bookstore T-shirt.
             tshirt 1

glass  ice  ice forms around water & ice in a glass

                                            rainbow  Not just another ranch...they're HAPPY.
                     spam delight  ode to my youth - SPAM sandwich

             This bumper's worth of stickers seems to follow us wherever we go.
                            Obama is looking pretty worn and tired, but we do a good job of representing a fair share of East Bay bookstores.

                                                                   time  ...it's time for a revolution
                                    jeans   ... there I was just taking a close look at my jeans, oh, texture
                                                      lurking in the grass  mush

mt shasta
                        That's Mt. Shasta welcoming us back to northern California, after our short-lived move to Seattle.

                   houseboat      voodoo       


                        We spent some time with our great and good friend Keith, in his house boat on the Columbia River near Portland, AND even got to visit that shrine to weird doughnuts in Portland OR — VooDoo Doughnuts. I got to have the famed Bacon Maple Bar, which is a meal in itself and, though it may sound horrid to some, really works as a culinary experience.

                                        tree bike
                                 We also visited the Vashon Island "bike in the tree" that inspired Berkeley Breathed to write
                                                            his classic book Red Ranger Came Calling. For something closer to the real story check out this story.


a motel in Roseberg oregon
Here we're talking texture — how different blue jeans do look in black and white.
    (motel bedspread in a Motel 6 near Roseburg, Oregon)
  I have a serious problem using Post-its to mark something memorable while reading.  flags staking thoughts out
ginko leaves Gingko leaves over a bank parking lot

Look at the purple.   Look at Seattle. seattle
just one of those clouds that looks down from abovesky cloud                         

other photos:  Winters  |  Sea Ranch  |  Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery  |  East Bay | Yosemite

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