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 -  the big move up the "hill" and the end of our bookstores
   352 Main Street, Placerville
   June 2008 to August 2009     

window view

We came to Placerville at an odd time. We had already put the entire contents (inventory, fixtures, equipment, and everything from the coffeehouse) of our bookstore in Woodland up for sale at ever-increasing discounts. It was a really depressing time, a time that we had been dreading for some time. Then, out of the blue, we got word that a couple who owned a bookstore in the foothills had stopped by as everything we owned was being sold off. We contacted them and ended up visiting them in their small bookstore in Placerville. Being such devoted booksellers, we started to salivate at the thought that we might be able to continue having a bookstore. We could downsize, man the store mostly ourselves, have low expenses and hope for good sales from tourists and local patrons alike.


Maybe it was a bad omen that while moving our household and bookstore, that every time I stopped to fill up the rental trucks, the gas price had climbed ... it rose to the $4.50 a gallon level. Oh, and the national economy had fallen off a cliff, with the giant collapse of housing prices, the disappearance of much of people's savings and investments, and the loss of any optimistic thoughts. So, true to our form, and working against conventional wisdom, we moved to an entirely new and unknown area, and opened a new business, with a sure thing...a bookstore.


It was great to be welcomed by so many people. There was a lot of enthusiasm and hope.



a couple of looks inside our last bookstore — looking to the back of the store & towards the children's section




This is a link to what turned out to be a very popular page. The store's name came about because our long held fascination with crows and ravens. I did it just to answer those questions people had about what are the differences between ravens and crows. It remains popular and interesting.


Vicky Panzich working the shelves   John Hamilton and his black friend


odd bookstore feature: what's that in the floor?

It wasn't long after we had opened, people started pulling other people to the back of the store, and then there were sounds of great disappointment.


What was going on? It was all about the perfect tourist attraction. There was a tunnel under the store's floors, and there had been a clear floor panel that allowed everyone to see the small tunnel with a skeleton dressed as a 49er stretched out in it...dead. And, I swear, it was the previous bookstore owners (the good folks of Wild Mountain Books) that put in the wall-to-wall carpeting that covered over everything. All that was left was the telltale spring in the floorboards. With all the talk of ghosts living in the bookstore, and our long tunnel that lead up to the whorehouse (once just up the street), allowed much-needed privacy to those pillars of Hangtown's finer citizenry, who were crawling to the fine women awaiting them. Whores, 49ers, ghosts, and books...it all seemed like it could really work..



A NEW NAME - the transition from The Next Chapter to Raven's Tale
Like watching sausage being made, finding a new name for a bookstore is not something pretty to watch. Take a look at the names we mulled over. Please don't think less of us - we were having a whole lot of fun.

 Armchair Traveler
 Balthazar's Bookshop
 B.F. Moore Books
 Book Friends
 Book Junkie
 Book Traveler
 Book Vibe
 Chapter & Verse
 Dramatic Irony

Have You Read?
Heroes & Heretics
Hungry Reader
Ideal Reader
J. Porter Books
Kitch & Lit
Laughing Raven
Lucid Raven
Mind Candy - feed your head
Mr. Peepers
moore books
Nomad Books
Poetic Justice

porter books
Porter Potters
Raven Books
Raven's Tale
Read Books
Reading Matter(s)
Reading Ravens
Rowdy Raven
the independent
The Turning Point
Writer's Voice


ravenGoing through some business papers the other day, I came across this quote from Cheryl in Placerville about our last bookstore.

                                             "Visiting your books is like having a party with good friends."


the bookstores at 352 Main Street
it was a home for books for 35 years
in that time there have been four different bookstores here
some were here for many years, some for several months
strangely, every one of the bookstores had the same phone number (530) 622-4540

Rivendell Books
started in the 1970's, it had a heavy Tolkien flavor
      our current landlady Pete, started the store down the street and then moved up to 352 Main around
Hidden Passage Books
after many years, the flavor changed towards more pop culture figures, comics and more
      this was the time of the clear panel in the floor that revealed a skeleton in a cave ... people are still looking for him

Wild Mountain Books and More
Sherry and John remodeled and wanted to keep a new bookstore in Placerville
      their store had a lean and open feel to it

Raven's Tale
      our bookstore was something special, something ever-changing, but it was always striving to be a fine place for the best in new books
      a comfortable home for browsers, a place that people feel welcome and well served


 trip back in time







   Take a trip in time

    Mansion Book Merchants 132 E Street, Davis from March of 1987 to June 1992
   The Next Chapter
225 G Street, Davis from June 1992 to February 1998
   The Next Chapter
1059 Court Street, Woodland from February 1998 to October 2003
   The Next Chapter
622 Main Street, Woodland from November 2003 to June 2008
    Raven's Tale
352 Main Street, Placerville from June 2008 to August 2009
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Who did all this?




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