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fred logo  The Next Chapter -  our move to Main Street
  622 Main Street, Woodland
  November 2003 - June 2008      some past events & writers

622 main street


This was a great space that had been an independent hardware store for almost 100 years. Our landlord was a true visionary when it came to old retail spaces and he really wanted a bookstore in this space. It was a thing of beauty by the time his crew was done bringing it back to its past glory.  We had originally hoped to equal or surpass that century mark of business longevity. It was about 5,000 square feet spread out over two floors, and we were able to have a full coffeehouse with seating downstairs, as well as upstairs in front of the big windows that looked down on Woodland's Main Street. It was a mighty good place for people watching, drinking a latte, checking out a book, using your laptop, or holding a meeting. There were one heck of a lot of shelves lining the walls on the main floor and on the mezzanine, and soon we had filled it all up. 


  browsing       first floor view


shots of what 622 Main was like

bkpeople1            bkpeople2


We were voted BEST NEW BOOKSTORE in 2002, 2003, 2004 and BEST USED BOOKSTORE in 2003, 2004 in Yolo County
by the readers of The Daily Democrat. Thanks!



Meet Otto, our book-loving friend who came from an antique store in Woodland, CA, he graced the windows of our last two bookstores,
and now guards over our books in a darkened storage unit. I once filled a pickup truck with boxes of books and strapped Otto on top,
looking up at the sky, and he certainly drew lots of attention on the freeway. He's a good-looking chap.


woodland reads


trip back in time





  Take a trip in time

   Mansion Book Merchants132 E Street, Davis from March of 1987 to June 1992
   The Next Chapter
225 G Street, Davis from June 1992 to February 1998
   The Next Chapter 1059 Court Street, Woodland from February 1998 to October 2003
   The Next Chapter 622 Main Street, Woodland from November 2003 to June 2008
    Raven's Tale 352 Main Street, Placerville from June 2008 to August 2009



                               some of the programs we put on in our bookstores


book some past events & writers


book Woodland Reads - we started this program to get Woodland readers on the same page, by holding events around a different book every year


book Poem-A-Day - every day during National Poetry Month (April) we handed out a printed copy of a favorite poem and emailed the same poem to a ever-growing Poem-A-Day mailing list


book we continue to mark the passing of some of the major figures of the book world - as we did with displays in our stores


book Banned Books Week - this was one of my favorite events - one that got more people reading books that some people wanted banned


book there was also: our Weird Christmas Tree Contest that brought the strange of many people, in-store reading tutoring for children, our many different book clubs, our Books from the Heart program to get more books into the local schools, the Day of the Dead shrine and community meal, and so many other programs, as well as always making our bookstore and coffeehouse available for countless community meetings.


lore  learn about the differences between ravens and crows

fist the world of independent bookselling




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